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To Cybersemiotics through Bateson, Peirce and Luhmann

This post introduces a very interesting presentation from Søren Brier, Professor for Semiotics of Information, Cognitive and Communication Science at Copenhagen Business School. It is entitled ‘Cyber(bio)semiotics: Transdisciplinary Through Bateson, Luhmann, and Peirce’. As you might expect from the title, Brier discusses the intellectual currents and developments that led to cybersemiotics. It is a little slow-moving, particularly at the start, but it is rich in content taking in the impact of Norbert Weiner, Gregory Bateson and Heinz von Foerster on cybernetics, information theory and general systems theory; the important concepts of autopoiesis and structural coupling from Maturana and Varela, Luhmann’s social systems theory which allows new approaches to communication, and Pierce’s biosemiotics. Apart from achieving its own aims, the presentation usefully (if partially) contextualises Luhmann’s work. Here is the bio Brier provides:

I am an interdisciplinary researcher that has moved from an MA in biology (ecology and behavioral sciences) over a gold medal thesis in psychology (philosophy of ethology) both Copenhagen. U. through a PhD in philosophy of information sciences (Roskilde U.) after 10 year teaching at the Royal School of Library and Information science to a Habilitat in Cybersemiotics combining the natural, life, social and technical sciences with the humanities though an integration of a Peircean biosemiotic and Luhmann’s autopoietic system science into a transdisciplinary framework (Copenhagen Business School).

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